When the doctor first told us our due date was December 2, my very first thought was of how wonderful it will be to be pregnant during advent season, to wait for our own precious infant as we anticipated the Christ Child.

As I await both labor and Christmas Day, I am most struck by the bloody humanity of the Chirst child, His immense vulnerability. Such sentiments have been uttered before, and may sound cliche, but not when you are facing such an event yourself. I cannot imagine the experience of not being able to find shelter at nine months pregnant and then of childbirth in a filthy manger. How sterilized and amazingly “safe” our hospitalized deliveries are, and yet I still wrestle with fear and anxiety of this cursed experience. Not only did God send His son to us in the humbled form of fallen human flesh, but Christ was born more in the same environment and manner as a sheep or a donkey.

Scandelous, shocking, fearful, painful, bloody; these words ought not be left out of our image of advent. He was attatched to a placenta, for crying out loud! Have you ever seen one of those? Yet also glorious, wonderful, blessed, joyful and breathtakingly beautiful. Precious, precious child. Pain and joy comingled in His birth, His life, His death. I am filled with gratitude for His first coming and longing for His return.

I have been meditating on a Chris Rice song all 9 months long and have somehow convinced our pastor to allow me to sing it on Christmas. As I imagine my own newborn’s tiny fingers I will soon hold, the song (copied here only in part) unites for me the scandal and the glory, the sacrifice and the wonder of our Savior’s mysterious incarnation.

Fragile fingers sent to heal us, Tender brow prepared for thorns

Tiny heart whose blood will save us, Welcome Holy Child

So wrap our injured flesh around you, beathe our air and walk our sod

Rob our sin and make us holy, perfect Son of God.

Welcome to our world

Posted by Annie Crawford


~ by Michael on November 27, 2005.

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