Prisoners of hope

Jesus comes to those who are fresh out of hope. We moderns, with our nifty gadgets and world-conquering technology, indeed are fresh out of hope, but not in the right sort of way. Though we be fresh out of hope, we are filled with bright and doe-eyed optimism. “See what wonders we have made with our own hands. See what we can, and will, accomplish.”

Advent is all about substituting for optimism a hopelessness that hopes nonetheless for an act of God. Optimism, by it’s nature, looks inward towards what “I” or “we” can do, if only we straighten out our attitudes. Hopelessness that hopes nonetheless for an act of God (in fact, I would say that such hopelessness is the truest hope) looks outward, by contrast.

Advent is truly countercultural. While all and sundry run about the stores feeding the consumer Beast, filled with holly-jolly holiday sentiments, let us Christians sit silent, and wait for the coming of our true Joy. Then, when He comes, let us shame the pagans and show them how to really party, drinking of the wine and bread that satisfies us most. (Alex Arnold)


~ by Michael on November 27, 2005.

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