Sermon Seeds: The First Sunday In Advent

Luke 2:15 “Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us.”

The news footage has been full of people stampeding their way into various stores on “Black Friday.” Fights have broken out, customers have been pepper sprayed, and women with children have been trampled on the floor…all so people could get a “bargain.”

It looks like a scene from a third world country where food is being offered to the starving. Maybe, in fact, it’s not so different.

Americans believe their material possessions are their sustenance; their “salvation.” The more we have, the more we can be entertained. We will be acceptable in a wired world. We will have the newest and the best, all for easy monthly payments. We have significance in our possessions. In the end, we will feel good about ourselves if we participate in a world that promises to save us if we buy lots of the right things.

Our spending/buying has other benefits. It stimulates the economy, so that our country prospers. People in China can be employed making what we buy. When the economy is booming, everyone feels good about life. How do we know all is well with the world? When we can have the possessions we want, and plenty of money to acquire them.

On this first Sunday of Advent, we will hear an ancient cry to turn away from the malls and the merchants of economic salvation, and come to Bethlehem. Come to Bethlehem…and SEE.

See what? Those who encountered the newborn Jesus said they had “seen” a savior; they had “seen” their salvation. Our salvation. Not economic salvation or any of the kinds of salvation the world promises, but salvation in God’s Messiah: Jesus the Anointed King, the Christ.

We invite others to journey with us to Bethlehem to see this ancient prophecy fulfilled and promise kept. We come as we are, not to receive a revelation or 10 Steps to Happiness, but to see our salvation. We are pilgrims. We come dirty and without a clue what this come mean, but we come. We come, and find that all persons are invited, because this salvation is for all of us.

All that God is for us comes to us in Jesus. He is the salvation we all yearn for. May God the Holy Spirit show us the folly of our quests to be saved, and may we come to Bethlehem and See that we have God’s salvation as a gift, to all who will believe.

(Michael Spencer, Nov 26, 2005, 11:11 p.m.)


~ by Michael on November 27, 2005.

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