The Advent Wreath

From my church’s liturgy this week:

The advent wreath is a tradition born in the 19th century in Germany, and so, a comparative newcomer to the traditions of the Church Year. The circle of evergreen branches symbolizes eternal life, and the light from the candles sybolizes Christ coming as the light of the world. Some traditions associate various themes with the candles, but there is no single “correct” tradition. One example is: Candle 1 – Prophecy; Candle 2 – Bethlehem; Candle 3 – Shepherds; Candle 4 – Angels. There are various traditions explaining the colors of the candles – purple or blue candles signifying either repentance or hope. The white candle in the middle denotes the purity and perfection of God’s gift to us – His Son.

(tommy crawford)


~ by Michael on November 27, 2005.

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