It’s Advent Stupid

It goes without saying to anyone who knows the Christian year….but it’s not Christmas. It’s Advent. Two different things.

Christ hasn’t come. We are waiting. Watching. Wondering. We are feeling the absence and the expectation, not the joy…at least not entirely, and not yet.

We live in hope and faith; we read and reread the promises. We aren’t “there yet,” as children tend to say.

The secular celebration of the false Christmas has eaten up the whole season from Nov 1 to December 31. The Christian season of Christmas should begin with the lighting of the Christ candle on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, and extend until Epiphany, well into January. The “New Year,” with all its pagan false promises of starting over without the Gospel, is nowhere on our calendar.

Advent is a time of preparation, so much is appropriate. Our participation in the cultural celebration may take us out of Advent and into Christmas from time to time, which is forgiveable, I suppose. (Everyone peeks at their presents these days.)

The Puritans eschewed the Christian Year because “no one should consider one day above another.” I believe that was a mistake. The Christian Year is a fine way of sanctifying time in a pagan culture that seeks to make all of our time serve its false gods.

So Advent. A season that is not quite Christmas; a season that takes stock of all the hopes and fears that we bring to Bethlehem that night.

Keep Advent. Await Christmas.

(Michael Spencer)


~ by Michael on December 1, 2005.

One Response to “It’s Advent Stupid”

  1. Who are you? I came across your site as I was trying to justify to myself to quit that nasty caffiene habit. I found that coffee has turned me into a hostile angry female and I must kick it….but to my surprise I come to this great christian site…and suspect you are catholic. I really like how you think and found your site very interesting. I must admit I agree with a lot of what you say. Have a great Advent and glad to come across your site. I will pray that you kick that nasty caffiene habit.

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