First Sunday in Advent from

Paul Owen on the First Sunday in Advent:

As we prepare our hearts during this Advent season, we would do well to ponder the question: If Jesus were to visit “Jerusalem” today, what would he find? Would he find a Church which is zealous for social justice (cf. 21:14 and Jer. 7:6)? Or would he find a “Jerusalem” that is in collusion with the spirit of the age, just as he was confronted with in his own day? Would he find a people who recognize their need for liberation from the grip of the principalities and powers which are oppressing the poor and the pious of the world–the same powers which were at work behind Rome and the Temple leadership? Or would he be confronted with a Church which is participating in that oppression by failing to care for the poor, the widow and the orphan? Would Jesus find in us a house of prayer for the Gentiles, or a den of robbers, who gain power at the expense of others around us? Kyrie, eleison!


~ by Travis on December 7, 2006.

3 Responses to “First Sunday in Advent from”

  1. Someone has changed the master username and password and I am locked out of the blog.

    If you changed the KEYS please change them back asap


  2. strange…no, I didn’t change anything. I’m just automatically logged in on my home computer, so I never have to mess with any settings.

  3. Came to yours by searching for Advent. Your welcome over to see how we celebrate in Norway:-)

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