he is coming

Daddy, mommy says you talk about God too much. She says you’re wrong.
Hmm… well, we don’t talk about God a whole whole bunch do we? Usually when we talk about God, what are we saying to him?
We’re saying thank you.
That’s right. It sure is good to say thank you to him, isn’t it?
Yep! Hey how come mommy doesn’t say thank you to him?
Wellll… I don’t know. But you know what?
You can say thank you for mommy, can’t you?
I thought so! Hey, guess what–there’s something else we can say thank you for.
What is it, daddy?
It’s for him being born a little baby and coming to live with us. Look what I have here.
What is it?
It’s called a “calendar”. It has a little door on every day, all the way up to Christmas.
Can I see?
Yep. In fact we have to open the first door, and see what’s behind!
Hey look–it has something from Isaiah. Know what? Let’s go see what it says, shall we?
Yep! Hey you know what?
When I come to your house next time, we can finish opening the rest of the doors, can’t we?
We sure can, little man!


~ by mairnealach on December 8, 2006.

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