spiritual investment

Having been despised by the wife of my youth, I now find myself in the profoundly happy position of being able to observe Advent, and celebrate Christmas, as an actual Christian, without offending anyone in the household. My son is noticing the difference in aromas between my household and his mother’s. From his habits of being with me, he is learning about the coming Messiah. His delight in that very thing is visible every time he comes to me.

One new ritual I intend to institute is the display of a small crèche somewhere in the house. I’ve seen many beautiful ones for sale, especially in the Roman catholic bookstore. It seems there is quite an industry around them, with one prominent Italian family basing their entire business around it.

It does unsettle me that every one I have seen is stamped “made in China” (even the ones from the Italian family). Now I’m a globalist who has no qualms about spreading my capital around to Christian, heathen, and Jew; however, for this, I feel differently. I simply wish I could patronize a craftsman who carves or molds these little figures with a deliberate love of what they represent. Perhaps some entrepreneur could engage artisans in the Chinese church to make these for export? Of course, such a thing must be done with an explicitly Christian model of business, which is no small accomplishment these days.


~ by mairnealach on December 11, 2006.

2 Responses to “spiritual investment”

  1. If you’re willing to spend a bloody fortune, this German nativity set is the most beautiful I’ve ever laid eyes on. I don’t think its outsourced to China, but I can’t vouch for the Christianity of the Germans either (though I have nothing but stereotypes to make me think they aren’t).

    My parents bought my wife and I the Mary/Joesph/Jesus 10 cm figures a few years ago, and we’ve been getting another figure each year as time has gone on. The detail and craftsmanship are absolutely astounding.

  2. A number of years ago, I found a wood carving shop in Bavaria. They make beautiful nativity scenes. I was too poor to buy the whole set when I was over there, but I have picked up pieces via the web and telephone over the years.

    Here is the URL: http://www.dedlerhaus.de/shopenglish/index.html?target=front.html&lang=en-us
    I like the “Nativity Fil” under the “Nativities” link. Mine is natural (unpatinted wood).

    They have been quite helpful over the years when I contacted them (in English) by telephone or email.

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