Emancipation and Advent

Geoff Holsclaw writes at the church and postmodern culture:

…we should not rely on a modern, progressivist perspective on human emancipation, neither in its conservative/fundamentalist guise (i.e. we will build God’s Kingdom of democracy and capitalism) nor its far left/radical guise (i.e. we must topple the state in a socialist revolution). But neither should we settle for an infinite deferral of the eschaton (a la a perpetual deconstructive to come) as a shield against fundamentalism. Instead the Church should recommit to being the foretaste of freedom, and the aroma of emancipation. Emancipation is Now, in the Present, because while we cannot make the Future, but that the Future is making us. For Christ has Come; Emmanuel, God with us. The Advent of Emancipation has come; the Advent of Emancipation is Coming.

Read the whole post here.


~ by Travis on December 12, 2006.

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