We’re still waiting

Watched a children’s Christmas program in Northern Ky today. It was familiar to me because a local church in our area brought it to our school last year.

The King is coming to our town. Who is this king? Reporters want to know. The mayor wants to know. It’s not the King of Rock and Roll. (Enter Elvis impersonator.) It’s not King Tut. It’s not King Kong.

No, it’s Jesus. He’s a better King than all these others, and if you accept him, you can go to heaven.

Great choreography, costumes, sets, production.

No Biblical story of Jesus at all. None. Nothing coming near to it.

Jesus totally displaced from the Biblical story, and only known in comparison to….to….I don’t really know what.

Everyone had a good time, and as I said, the kids were great. The church worked hard to make the show happen and on the one song that somehow managed to relate to Jesus Christ, they were very sincere.

We’re still waiting for Jesus in church saturated America. Not to be born, as much as to come back to us after we’ve tossed him out in favor of something more interesting and entertaining.

May the lights of advent light our way to rediscover Jesus Christ this advent season.


~ by Michael on December 2, 2007.

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