God Finds Us

“There are times when we talk about finding God in Christ. Infinitely truer is it that in him God finds us. We hardly dare lose sight of that, with the poor, fitful search we make, that cannot rightly be called a search, little more than a groping discontent, and a distant, formal, weary doffing of the hat. If anything ever happens in our lives, it will happen because wherever we hide ourselves, in what dark corner, there is a love that whispers and prods about there with its wounded hands: walking yonder on the streets, hungry, and someone yesterday gave him food; thirsty, and someone gave him drink; a stranger, and someone took him in. ”

from Love Is a Spendthrift: Meditations for the Christian Year, by Paul Scherer (HT to Tod Bolsinger)


~ by Michael on December 22, 2007.

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