Are You Good At Waiting?

America’s new holy-day is “Black Friday,” the day when the secular Christmas savior is born: bargains on presents.

This year’s Black Friday even featured a human sacrifice for the the sins of those participating.

At the heart of it: we can’t wait to get what we want. The power, the pleasure, the purchase: it’s all ours to take as long as we show up and rush for the prize of the high calling of cheap gadgets.

Advent is the Christian season of waiting. We give up to God the running of the world. We give up to God the saving of the world. We wait. Believing and hoping.

All our prayers take place with the fulfillment of the old covenant waiting behind us and the fulfillment of new covenant waiting still before us.

We wait for a savior to redeem and heal God’s broken world.

Jesus has come to bring God’s kingdom in power and to fill his Good News with victory over sin, death and the grave.

Until Jesus returns, we are watching, on guard, waiting, serving as those trusted by the master to do his work until he returns.

The world waits and demands its wait. God’s people wait, but serve him, love others and hope for his return.

As he kept his promises before, we can be sure he will again.


~ by Michael on November 30, 2008.

One Response to “Are You Good At Waiting?”

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