Do You Believe in Santa Claus?

W.H.Chellis is a Reformed pastor who believes, strongly, in Santa Claus. I’m not too familiar with “the deep truths of Faerie” but I like what I see in these lecture notes (I’d love to hear the lecture itself).

Compare it with this soulless piece on why parents should not let their children believe in Santa Claus and you may see, as I did, that belief in Santa has much to commend it.

Happy St. Nicholas Day (Dec. 6)


~ by Michael on December 7, 2008.

One Response to “Do You Believe in Santa Claus?”

  1. We took the route that Santa was fun, St. Nicholas was real, but the most important part was the coming of Jesus. It was very much the best choice for us. Not only did we feel very strongly about not telling our children a lie about one thing (Santa) and expect them to believe us about more important things (God, Jesus), our daughter has a very high sense of justice and when she found out at age 5 that other parents told their children that Santa was a real person, well, her reply says it all: “How could those parents lie to their children!” When she grew older, she told us (several times) how much she appreciated that we had not lied to her.

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