In Defense of Singing Christmas Carols During Advent

Posted by RICHARD

David Lohse has a good post up in defense of singing Christmas Carols during Advent. While most churches I know do sing Christmas carols during Advent many other churches, particularly those that attempt a serious observance of the Christian Year, prefer to keep the singing of carols to the 12 days of Christmas.

Professor Lohse gives three reasons why we should sing Christmas Carols during Advent [Read the whole thing, it’s short]

I particularly like his third reason:

We cannot let the malls take over our heritage! If we’re not teaching our children the carols, they’ll learn them from the malls. In that case, you run the risk that they won’t be able to distinguish between Irving Berlin’s version of Christmas and the Bible’s.

So go ahead and sing. O Come Let Us Adore Him


~ by Michael on November 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “In Defense of Singing Christmas Carols During Advent”

  1. “Signing” or “Singing” ????

  2. Thanks, Barrett. Changed it. R.

  3. I’d add another reason: Advent isn’t time to pretend that Jesus hasn’t come yet. We remember the darkness, that we were dead in sin, what the world was like before his coming, etc. But we don’t “act” like Jesus never came. So I’m not sure it’s liturgically demanded that we only focus on the songs about waiting for Jesus to come until Christmas morning actually dawns.

  4. Good point, Travis. While it may be good to emphasise the “waiting” aspect of the season we should not “pretend” that He hasn’t come yet. Joy to the world, the Lord IS come”

  5. I agree. Here’s a brief posting about my journey from a pastor fresh out of seminary who forbade carols in advent to one who delights in belting them out during Advent.

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