The Lay of the Lord: Birth–“Greetings”

[MOD: This is part 3 of Chris’ excellent poem. Read it in order: Part 1; Part 2]


As all those of a ship
look to the firmness of an anchor’s hold in the gale,
so Mary took this evidence of the angel and made off to see,
that in the budding flower of Elizabeth she might know the promise of her own Seed.
So from the north into the foothills of Judea she came,
the miles filled with a million questions, secret delights, and fears,
more unique to human predicament than any yet before.
But Yahweh was drawing her on:
to hope, and trust, and faith,
found within the mature joy of her aging cousin,
for as Mary’s first sound of greeting echoed off the walls,
the not-yet born messenger leaped at the nearness of his King, yet a speck within the maiden’s womb.
(For even a child in the watery dark will dance at the coming of a Savior.)
And Elizabeth’s tongue, loosed by the Progenitor
of all wombs, all seeds, all worlds,
reached out with blessing to touch the soul of the girl,
transforming doubt to confidence, fear to peace,
so that Mary’s voice also rose upon the Spirit’s swell,
singing of thrones tumbled, and the ragged revered,
of riches disposed, and the feasting table of the poor,
all by the Lord of old,
and how in all the world of Eve’s daughters descended
she should be the mother of Eve’s Seed,
the Conqueror of serpents,
blessed in all generations.
Yet an unknown sword of sorrow awaited,
in the bruising of the heel.


~ by thebardling on December 7, 2009.

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