The Lay of the Lord: Birth– “Census”

(Note: I just want to offer my sincere thanks for the warm reception I have received here and elsewhere as others have linked to my poem. I am glad my words could be a blessing to you all. -Chris)

In those days Israel was not its own.
Though great in the scheme of God’s redemption,
merely another drop in the imperial measure of Rome,
spilling out like grains over and around the Great Sea.
Now desiring to see its numbers, Caesar,
divine head and god of men (so called)
issued his decree of census.
Joseph was no less a subject than any other man,
but a speck in the sea of souls now moved to obey.
Yet his concerns were no less abated:
an eight month pregnant wife, a hundred mile journey,
food, clothing, money,
all needs and cares.
And yet did the prophecy ring in his mind,
demonstrating the purpose of such struggle?
That Caesar compelled mankind at the will of the Almighty?
None can know—but that he went.


~ by thebardling on December 15, 2009.

One Response to “The Lay of the Lord: Birth– “Census””

  1. I am very much enjoying these poems, Chris. I’m so glad for your contribution to this blog this year.


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