The Lay of the Lord:Birth– “Good News”

Now in the same country there were the easily forgotten,
the lowest ones, exiled to solitude with the dumb beasts.
Standing watch at night, fire the only comforting friend
holding back the dark in bright circumference,
casting its fiery fingers towards the greater lights of heaven.
The quiet occasional bleating of the sheep the only noise,
besides the crackling of the flames and night bugs.
Their cloaks wrapped tight around them against the coolness,
like silhouetted mounds they sat.

If their eyes had strayed to the stars above the hills,
one would have caught their eye,
burning brightly and growing against the darkness.
Soon enough its increasing strangeness was noticed,
and their eyes turned intent upon this wonder.
Multiplying in splendor, this streaming golden mass of light approached,
its glare beginning to dazzle the eyes,
bearing down upon them with such awful intensity every heart began to palpitate.
Then suddenly it landed before them in a shower of golden sparks that sent the sheep scattering,
and up rose the most glorious and fearsome being imaginable,
like a man,
yet so dissimilar in any appearance to the idea of “man” that one could barely apply the name:
a golden gloriousness that set terror in their hearts, and weakness in their knees.

With a golden voice, yet edged with the briskness of a great invigorating wind he spoke:
“Do not be frightened by me, a mere servant of Jehovah,
for I come to you first with glorious news for all creation.
Your Messiah has come at last to save His people,
and as a child in Bethlehem you will find Him,
in the strangeness of a feeding trough.
Now go and see this great thing.”
And suddenly it was as if they were surrounded with the sun,
and as the voices of water and wind together formed a multitude of praise:
“Glory to the Highest of Kings in heaven,
and on the earth let peace rest with His chosen ones”.
Like a dark, thick curtain cast across a window,
Suddenly all was dark and silent once again.
The shepherds, stunned for a moment as if in stupor,
Suddenly jerked to life, as if enervated by the energetic light that had surrounded them,
forgetting flocks and fields, made straight away to Bethlehem,
searching every shed and shelter, until at last,
they came upon Joseph, Mary, and the fresh young child,
there kneeling in awe, their minds attempted to grasp the awesomeness before them,
as Mary equally pondered in wonder what she beheld.
Then departing, they became the first bearers of the gospel,
proclaiming the news the King’s arrival wherever they went.


~ by thebardling on December 21, 2009.

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