The Lay of the Lord:Birth– “The Word of Blessing”

An old man, well wrinkled with the years,
resting within Solomon’s porch.
Though outwardly fading,
the inner man zealous and alert.
Surrounded daily by the splendor’s of Jehovah’s earthly house,
yet looking past it all for the greater expectation.
The Spirit’s promise throbbing with every heartbeat,
that he would live to see the Messiah enfleshed.
And on that day, his alertness suddenly sparked to life,
he was drawn to the poor couple and child,
newly dedicated to the Lord according to Moses’ word.
With trembling hands and tears he came,
taking the child from the wondering mother, wide-eyed yet willing,
his heart thrust through with pure joy as he felt the tiny heart beating against his chest,
the warmth of salvation, near and alive.
Then with anointed tongue he spoke,
of the glories and trials to come,
of this child’s strident manhood,
of His standing as a touchstone for Israel,
both raising up and bringing down many,
that the ancient promises might be fulfilled and all set right,
and that the river of salvation would flow out to the earth,
a light of new revelation, new creation break forth over a darkened world.


~ by thebardling on December 23, 2009.

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