Mystery of the Ages

Posted by Chris Yokel

Advent is here again, which for myself is the call to once again attempt to wrap my head around the mystery of the Incarnation. It seems that every year, that is the increasing focus of my spiritual energies during this season, to press deeper into the heart of the Magnum Mysterium. I can’t say my progress has been very great, but allure of the journey is always and ever there.

My deepest struggles with such things are usually best expressed in poetry. The following is some verse that I wrote several years ago already, but I find it rings as true as ever. I put it to music sometime later, so here is the text and then the song:

Flesh of her flesh

Bone of her bone

Yet wholly other

The supernatural

In earthly thread spun

Galaxy strider

Now warmly imprisoned

Within the womb of Eve

He who cast the sun about Him

Royal splendor

Now the prince of paupers

In the beginning was the Word

Into the darkness light tumbles down

Now the Word cries with child’s voice

Now the Light tumbles into darkness

Underneath the stars that He birthed

He Himself is born


The strong, invisible hand

Whose might upholds this earth of rock and stone

Now small, enclosed within His mother’s grasp

Those fingers, which in creation past

Traced out all man’s noble lines

Will one day reach to touch his putrid flesh


And set His work aright

Will one day reach out


His noble flesh torn

To set His work aright


For unto us a child is come

Unto us a son is descended

From Abraham and heaven both

That heaven and earth may both be joined in one

Through One in whom both heaven and earth are joined

That all may be

From Him, through Him, to Him

Forever and amen

Mystery of the ages




~ by Michael on December 4, 2011.

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