Come, Lord Jesus

Posted by Chris Yokel

Sometimes, this is what Advent is about:

Today I am discontent. 

I am discontent with duplicitous politicians pandering promises,
with media absorbing zombie-walking citizens,
with my own less than stalwart heart.
I am sick of hearing of the vaulted lives of wrecked celebrities,
of the disappointments of nearly perfect sports records,
and of my own foolish grasps for fame.
I am sick of sickness and death in the third world,
of images that spoil my lunch,
and of my own lack of doing anything about it.

I am discontent with Babel builders, intoleristas,
Muslim murderers, Christian hypocrites, and secular self-importants.
I stand in the shatters of broken economic systems
broken down bodies,
broken hearts,
and broken promises.
I do not believe in politicians, capitalists, international peace keepers, TV talking heads, salesmen, Oscar nominated films or platinum records.

I think democracy has failed.
I much prefer monarchy–or dictatorship
Provided there is one Leader
one Savior,
one Healer,
one Promise,
one Song,
one King,
May He come and rule
–please, soon
May He come and rule.
Kyrie eleison.



~ by Michael on December 8, 2011.

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